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All in Web 3.0Cybertino Lab is dedicated tobuilding protocols and applications on Web 3.0

Cybertino NFT Marketplace

where users can create, own, and play with virtual assets, enabling creators to connect with their communities through NFTs.

  • EMPOWER fandoms with the privilege of becoming involved and making contributions to influencers' NFT designs.
  • REWARD fans, materialistically and mentally, if their suggestions or designs are adopted by influencers and the community.
  • FORM COLLABORATIONS between influencers and their followers to design & create new master-layer NFTs, utilizing multiple existing base-layer NFTs.
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Web 3.0 native messaging app

Log in to the messaging app through your familiar Web 3.0 way

Enable address-to-address messaging & prevent spam

Automatically generated user's on-chain profile

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